Blue Willow Appetizers

Blue Willow catering and events


These are a few ideas on offer, if you have requests you may inquiry about pricing. Each item is for a minimum 20 people

This is cost for a drop off catering, platters will be brought in disposable trays or we will return to pick up items that are not disposable. Prices available for servers.


Slider sandwich on a homemade yeast roll $3/person

  Smoked brisket, Smoked chicken breast, ham turkey, smoked pork

  Crusted garlic rosemary tenderloin add $1

Beacon wrapped chicken bits $3.00/ person

Pinwheels with homemade salsa dip $2.50/person

Tomato mozzarella bruschetta $3.00 person

Meatballs in marinara, bbq, $2.00/person

Shrimp cocktail $6/person

Shrimp tree $8/person

Shrimp phyllo cups $2.50/person

Cucumber with cream cheese salmon bites $3/person

Crab stuffed mushrooms $3/person

Spinach stuffed mushrooms $3/person

Grilled cheese dippers with tomato soup $3./person

Tomato mozzarella and basil bites $3.00/person





7 layer dip 3.00/person

Spinach artichoke dips 3.00/person

Homemade salsa and chips 2.00/person



Veggie tray with ranch $3.00/person

Basic cheese tray crackers $3.00/person

Seasonal fruit tray $3.00/person

Fruit tree $4.00/person